Iris van den Ende
Ron Eshuijs
Marco Versluis
Head of TV
Boudewijn Vos
Business Director TV
Miel Gouda
Managing Director Theatre
Patricia Kok
Managing Director Live
Remco Kobus
Producer Fiction
Maurice Wijnen
Creative Director
Kevin Vermeulen
Financial Controller
Hidde Nieuwland
Executive producer TV
Elke Baijens
Executive producer TV
Niels Dijkhoff
Associate producer Theatre
Eva Strien
Manager Marketing & Sales
Eline Reijmer
Head of Communication & Recruitment
Roxanne Wilders
Project Manager Live
Henriëtte Grijzenhout
Personal Assistent
Menno Hoogendoorn
Facility Manager
Kyung Eigenraam
ICT Manager
Leanne van der Heijden
Project Controller
Sonja Smit
Project Controller
Hans Bouwens
Head of format development
Rohan Gottschalk
Creative Fiction
Pim Brassien
Creative Non-Fiction
Thijs Bul
Creative Non-Fiction
Feije Riemersma
Director TV
Armando Pes
Editor-in-chief TV
Jasper Bramer
Project Manager TV
Bart van den Bos
Format development
Eveline de Vletter
Format development
Inge Toth
Project Manager TV / Live
Dorona Lenoir
Editor TV
Jelle Morsch
Producer TV
René Tanahatoe
Producer TV
Daniëlle van Kalken
Marketing & PR coordinator Theatre
Lisanne de Snoo
Production coordinator Theatre
Dylan Jongen
Company Manager Theatre
Zoë van den Heuvel
Production Assistent TV
Puck Kemme
Financial employee
Max Ouderland
Financial employee
Maud Lodder
Intern TV
Willemijn van Bazel
Intern TV
Anne Gardien
Intern production & commerce Theatre


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