Herman den Blijker and Mr. Reimers are on the road again. This time they help hotelier family Mutsaers in Herrie in de Druiventros.
After the success of Herrie op de Bosbaan, the striking hospitality duo returns to the airwaves to breathe new life into the ailing hotel De Druiventros in Berkel-Enschot, Brabant. De Druiventros is a family business that found itself in dire straits after a competitor close by built a larger, more luxurious and newer hotel. In addition, there is a generation gap between them: father-familias Ad wants to change the classic-looking hotel as little as possible, while his three children are only too happy to take care of things. It is up to Den Blijker and Reimers to mediate and chart a new course that all the stubborn Mutsaers are willing to go along with.

Broadcast in the fall of 2018 at RTL 4.