The Connection; the ingenious quiz that only requires one answer

From the first moment mankind was able to gaze at the earth from space, our planet turned out to be one large integrated system. A world where everything is connected. On The Connection, all questions and answers are connected. Together they lead to one ultimate, connected answer.

Thee contestants start in the first round. They answer three sets of four questions: What honorary title do Tom Jones, Winston Churchill and Lewis Hamilton have in common? Which musical instrument’s name literally means ‘soft’ in Italian? Which word, which means ‘happy’, has become a synonym for someone who prefers people of the same sex? In which Disney film was a wrthog the first character to fart on-screen?

Spotting the correct answers earns points. And seeing the connection between the four answers after each set of questions even more. So what do Sir, Piano, Gay and The Lion King have in common? Elton John.

The player with the most points advances to the final where all the answers given in the quiz reappear. All answers have a connection to that one word we’ve all been looking for, throughout the program. The finalist gets 90 seconds to answer as many questions and earn extra clues to ultimately solve the mystery.

The Connection is a prime time quiz format that combines perfect play along for viewers, high production value with augmented set elements and a unique selling point never seen before!