In the TV Show Ivo Niehe receives national and international guests. Invariably inspiring personalities from home and abroad with an international reputation are portrayed by Ivo in a special way.

The TV Show started in July 1981. Ivo Niehe conceived the television program then and still presents the TV Show himself today. Originally, the TV Show was to feature recent television programs and the guests in them. This would be interspersed with excerpts from home and abroad. But soon it turned into a personality show, with Ivo Niehe hosting guests in his studio. After five years, Ivo also decided to travel to visit stars and notable personalities at home. From the first portrait – of Roald Dahl – the visits became a regular part of the TV Show.

The last broadcast of the TV Show was in January 2022. Meanwhile, Ivo Niehe is back with his new program Ivo op Zondag.